Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gifts in a jar

(A Dollartree extravaganza)

So last Christmas I decided to make these jars for my boyfriends family 
(since they have such a large one) and knew it would be 
cheap and easy (not too cheap)
LUCKILY my boyfriend and roommate/his cousin went halfsies (threesies technically)
 to make it more affordable.

There are two types of gift jars, males & females

Supplies: Females (Ladies first)
  • 5 Glass jar
  • 5 pairs of socks (we bought the no slippery/fuzzy ones)
  • Luffa (box of 5)
  • Nail kits
    • 2 nail kits (the largest we could find with a lot in it)
    • 4 nail polish 
    • nail buffer
  • 2 make-up items (we used 1 eye shadow palette & 1 mascara brush)
  • 1 bottle scented bath beads (good for 3 jars)
  • 1 bag scented Epson salt (good for 2 jars)
  • 1 bag of Andes mints (half used in male jars)
  • 1 box of mini candy canes 30 ct (half used in male jars)
Total= $23 (splitting the candys)

Each jar had a pair of socks a luffa and one of the two scented beads. The jars consisted of:
1 nail polish & nail buffer
1 nail polish & small nail kit
1 nail polish & half of nail kit and the same for the other in the next
2 make-up items in the last
Finally candy was placed in all.

So depending on your organizing/creative skills make the jar look appealing to the eye. We first put down the bath salts then the luffa, placed the small accessories around it and then stuffed in the sock (probably could of been better than stuffing but there is not as much room as you think)

We had out 2 mini candy canes & 2 Andes mints in each jar BUT i suggest putting these items in right before you are giving these gifts of the food items will soak up the bath salt flavors (lavender flavored Andes everybody!!!)

Bath salts on the bottom

Here's my girls

Supplies: Males

  • 5 glass jars
  • 5 pk razors
  • 3 2-pk Brut soap
  • 5 Barbasol shaving cream minis
  • 5 mini hand lotions
  • 1 pk moss
  • 1 pk cinnamon sticks
  • The rest of the candy canes
  • The rest of the Andes mints
Total= $22 (half the candy)

The moss was a must on my boyfriends part ("we have to make it classy!") but whatever you choose to make it look manly is fine. The Brut soap came in a 2 pk and each were individually packed in cardboard Because this wouldn't fit in the jar we wrapped it in saran wrap (ingenious!)

First we put the moss down and then the cinnamon sticks, next place the soap, shaving cream, and lotion around in a triangle and after securing this spot add the razor and candy's. 

Also same note for adding the candy's at last minute (cinnamon flavored Andes for everybody!!!)

Cinnamon flavored moss!
My men

 The pictures do not show the final product (I forgot) but we bought one bag of bows (10 ct), 1 Christmas colored ribbon spool (which is not the right word for it-- it's the one that has red, green, silver, and gold on one spool... blah) and one roll of cellophane (I suggest 2 since we ran out and had to modify) to decorate. 
I cut squares of cellophane, sat the jar on top of square, and lifted/tied the top together with ribbon and then placed a bow on the top of the jar = Gift in a jar.

Total cost = $23 + $22 + $3 + 7% tax = $51.36 
divide that by 10 gifts = $5.13 each gift
which is better than a gift certificate for the same amount!

BTW I have an obsession with Dollartree so this was a treat in itself

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