Friday, September 4, 2015


Every once in a while I concentrate and paint something that usually
takes a lot of time. Most of the time my paintings are
given as gifts but here are a few.

Kristina's x-mas gift
I traced out a skull & cut it out
and then traced the cut out onto a canvas 
(BTW I reuse every canvas, meaning I buy already 
used canvas at the thrift store and paint over it) 
 I started with the darkest parts on the painting and then later
shaded the edges out to flow.
Just starting, do you see all the paint I used!
Almost done, except I moved the cheek hollows down.
I also showed my inspired original photo next to it.
I didn't like the original skull structure so I changed it up a bit.
This is the original artwork
Kristina wanted something in the background so I
watered-down paint & dripped it.

                    Tara's Birthday gift

She often says "Let go and let god" when she is frustrated about one of our 911 callers not giving enough information. (BTW I'm a 911 operator) I thought this would be a great reminder.
I painted a slanted blue ombre, I ruffed up the canvas a little with all the layers of paint I put on (because I painted so many backgrounds before I could decide) and then I painted the quote in silver metallic and added decorative mandalas.
Rachel's Birthday gift
I painted a black background, then splattered on all the bright neon colors I could
 find and then painted her name in metallic silver. 
Maria's no-occasion gift
Hamsa hand
Tree in my hallway
We actually have painted over this now but when I painted it
I added more frames and it was about 4 ft tall. 
Map of the world 
Metallic silver background. I traced the world in pen from a paper
outline that I cut out.
Keith's 18th Birthday present
Keith's logo
I made a cut-out of his logo and traced it on a white canvas.
After I painted the logo and let it dry I covered it up
and splattered black paint on the background. 

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