Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Things I've made but haven't documented the process

I've made a lot of things that I did not document all the way through but I want to share anyways.

Baby Girl Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower
Tiffany's baby shower gift
  • 1 box of size 3 Pampers swaddlers (I believer 164 ct) - I only used half ($25 for the box)
  • Baby girl ribbon
  • String
  • Gold plastic embellishment plate
  • Rubber bands (at least 15)
  • 1 teether
  • 1 rattle
  • 1 toy
  • Baby girl hat
  • Stretchy baby head band
  • 1 pack shrink wrap
The base is a plate from dollar tree
I then rolled all of the diapers (the same direction so it would all match)  
and placed a rubber band around them. 
I made a circle of five rolled diapers and then tied a string around it. 
After they were secured I took off the rubber bans. 
I repeated this step by putting more rolled diapers around the already made 
circle, tied it, took off the rubber bands. 
Repeat this step until you get a good-sized base.
Repeat the steps for the next 2 tiers.
I tied all the tiers with ribbon leaving enough room to make big bows as embellishments
 (This also hides the string holding it together).
I placed little baby toys, teethers, rattles around the tiers and added a baby girl hat & head band at the top. The best part of these projects is the shrink wrap, the only time I really use my blow dryer. 
Then top it off with some more ribbon!

Total: around $21

Baby boy diaper cake
Gina's baby shower cake
This was actually my first go at a diaper cake and I think it looks better
than the one above (mainly because this one is pictured before I put
on the saran- wrap) The theme was Sesame Street which I found at the
Dollar Tree. I also added Q-tips to look like candles.

Total: $18

Drunk Barbie Birthday Cake
Brittany's gift

For my friends 21st birthday I made a drunk barbie doll cake. 
Which is pretty self explanatory.
I bought a barbie ($1) with a cute "clubbin" dress and added smeared
 make-up for also obvious reasons. My friend wears glasses so I was luckily able 
to find a pair from my old barbie toys 
I used sprinkles to mimic throw up and also inserted a small plastic shot glass 
into the cake and added sprinkles in it to look like a "puke bucket"
Leave one shoe off & scattered somewhere to make it look even 
more realistic to how the night will end
Then I add mini bottles of alcohol (I found the girliest ones - Kinky & Rosa)
Whatever you can find to add extra "umph" like mini handcuffs, 
small shot glasses/wine glasses and crowns.
Last but not least I added tattoos, "I <3 Mom" "Happy 21st B-day" 
and you can add whatever tattoo that your birthday girl really has to make
 it extra special!

21st Birthday survival/puke bucket
Maria's gift
All this stuff is basically from Dollar Tree
So grab a large colorful bucket ($1) and personalize it
and then add all the things your friend needs to survive
a massive hangover : )
A full on picture (a tad blurry) 
  • Powerade/Gatorade (this is Maria's cure)
  • Mouthwash
  • First Aid kit (Maria ALWAYS stubs her toes)
  • Headache medicine
  • Make-up remover wipes
  • Mini face wash
  • Mini-shot glass necklaces 2 pk (personalized with puffy-paint)
  • 21 birthday candles
  • Condoms
  • Pregnancy test (more as a joke but you never know!)
  • Snack (I went with veggies straws because she is vegan)
  • Hand sanitizer that conveniently attached to the bucket handle 
  • Gum 3 pk
  • Sunglasses
  • Hair scrunchies 
  • And a balloon attached (not pictured) 

Total: $19

Hand-made mini shirts
Keith's anniversary gift
My boyfriend is a mentalist & his logo is a gorilla (his last name is Kong)
I cut out 2 mini shirt patterns from 1 large shirt & sewed them 
together (inside out so the seam would not show)
I then used puffy pant to make his logo.
I will admit if I could redo this project I would because the way I
 spread the puffy paint it snagged the shirt & caused
cotton hairs to rise and mix with the paint
(But it's still cute!)
I also inserted two magnets (one in each Gorilla) where their
lips are so they would "kiss" but I suggest using strong magnets
because the material between them makes it hard
to keep them together. 

Total: $2-$1 per gorilla (Dollar Tree)
I already had the old shirt, puffy paint, & magnets

Bachelorette crown
Liz's bachelorette crown
I bought a Dollar tree crown (they only had Mardi Gras at the time)
I had to remove the Maridi Gras colored jewels up top and replaced them with 
silver jewels I already had on hand with hot glue. I bought a small roll of tulle 
from Dollar Tree in the wedding section. I cut up 6-7 long pieces 
of tulle (the strips are approximately 5-6 inches wide so you'll 
need multiple strips) I scrunched the tulle just a bit & then hot glued
 each strip to the back of the crown towards the top. I then hot-glued
silver jewels on the tulle to make it look more authentic and festive.
I found a large sheet of black jewels at Dollar Tree and
hot glued on "BRIDE"
Total: $3 
but I ended with extra materials for another project (tulle & jewels)

Bachelorette sash
Liz's sash
I can't remember the exact measurements for the sash material
but really I just eyeballed it. I found a wide ribbon at 
Joan's Fabric Store (my 2nd favorite store) and luckily
had a 50% off coupon. I used some left over iron-on letters
and jewels to decorate. I sewed together the bottom part of 
the sash and used fabric glue for the jewels. 

Total: I also can't quite remember but less than $3

Glittered Birthday Bottle
Kedisha's Birthday bottle
I taped off the label to keep it clean from the glitter and then
sprayed Elmer's Spray Adhesive. I quickly added a mix of all the 
glitter I had on hand. I sprayed if with the adhesive again and gave
it an extra coat. After it dried I sprayed it with clear spray paint
so the glitter would not fall off or rub off when picked up. Add
some decorative ribbon and its a perfect party gift!

Mother's Day Topsy-Turvy Planter

I made this for my momma in 2014 (it was a big thing then).
I used a large planter that I had on hand and bought
4 Dollar Tree planters. The first 3 smaller ones (from 
the bottom) were all the same size and the top one
is the smallest. I went to Home Depot and bought (approximately)
a 7 foot nickel pole (about $8). Now I asked one of the employees which 
 type of metal pole do they recommend for outdoor and they
did say that the one I bought (the cheapest) would rust fast. 

Any-who you need a long pole so it can be buried at least 
a foot in the ground. I stuck the pole through the pot into the ground
(Find a place that you want to keep it) I added soil and
then added the rest of the pots, slanting them to get the look. 
Adding the soil also keeps the pots slanted. I added the flowers after
which I also bought at Home Depot (about $1 each)

Total: $16

Broken Mirror book shelf
A DIY for me!
I found the book shelf on the curb during one of our scavenger hunts
 (my mom and I).
The shelf had minor water damage to the top from cups so I knew
 I had to cover it up some how. I also found a large mirror on the curb but when I brought it home it cracked! So I
 re-purposed my "bad luck" buy breaking
it further into small pieces. 
I bought a small bucket of white grout from Home Depot ($5) and then laid
out the glass. I grouted multiple times
(this was the hard part) and it was hard to clean the grout film from the glass.
But after it looked

Total: $5

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