Sunday, October 9, 2016

Re-do Beetlejuice costume

Halloween is almost here!
The first jacket I taped up was very heavy and the stripes did not match the leggings I bought,
so Re-do it is.
I went back to the thrift store and the only thing I could find was a long white button down shirt but it looked good as an open jacket also.
Finished look: Under the jacket I wore a black corset with striped leggings and high heel boots. I sprayed my blonde hair green (a little too much- I looked like the Joker) and applied white powder to my face, purple eye-shadow and green shadow to my forehead.  

  • White shirt/jacket (Goodwill $4)
  • Black electrical tape (2pk at Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Cork board (optional)
 I laid down a cork board in the shirt & then buttoned it up to make the shirt more stable.
 Depending on your pants you'll want to determine the width of the tape. My pants were just a little bit wider than the width of the electrical tape so I only laid down 1 strip of tape instead of the two I did with the last jacket. 
 Keeping on taping. 
For the arms I striped them vertically but in the movie Beetlejuice has horizontal sleeves. Horizontal sleeves tightened the material too much so I opted for vertical.
 For the sleeves make sure to tape them all the way to the end seam.
***When trying the shirt on I liked it better folded up to make it more fitted. It was easily taped inside with extra electrical tape. 

I purchased my leggings for $9.99 through Amazon but of course the price will change. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hanging planter

DIY String Hanging Planter
I made 1 large planter and 1 long planter with 3 mini pots.
  • Clay pots (large pot Walmart- $1.50 & 3 mini pots $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Strong outdoor string ($2.87 at Walmart)
  • Scissors
  • Plants (I bought a stawflower cactus & a grafted cactus from Walmart- $3 each)

 Cut 8 pieces of string as long as you desire but make sure its long so you can hang the pots from the ceiling (approx 2 feet or longer)
 Double knot the end 
 Separate the string into four groups of two and knot each strand, making the knots at the same length when comparing the groups together.
 Tie together 1 string from 1 group to another string in the neighboring group. Repeat for all remaining 6 strings.
 While tying each string make sure to check that the knot lines up in length with all the other knots so the hanger has an even look. 
 Take a break between each knot layer and pull the hanger onto the pot to make sure it fits.
 Knot the excess string about 8 inches up from the pot.
 Hang to make sure the length of the excess string is long enough, I braided extra string and added it to make it long enough to hang from the ceiling. 
 Adding the cacti. Small rocks placed on the bottom on the pot.
 Added dirt
 Add cacti!
 For the 3 mini pots cut 8 pieces of string, about 3 feet long. Repeat the same steps for tying the 4 groups together. When done with the first pot tie the excess string about 3-6 inches up from the pot. Pictured here looks about 3 inches, my string was not long enough (about 2 feet) so I definitely suggest cutting the string longer. 
 Repeat each group step for each pot. 

Gold Magnetic Alphabet

I'm moving into a new apartment soon!!
I like magnets and lately gold decorations and any excuse to spray paint something
  • ABC magnets- 26 ct (I bought 2 packs so I could actually spell something but I'm thinking I should of bought 3)- $1.87 each at Walmart
  • Gold spray paint- $3.68 at Walmart 
 First spell something clever for a photo op. 
Then push them all together and spray gold.
 Spread them out to make sure the sides are sprayed.
Spray on an extra coat just in case.

Continuation for Hexagon Shelf

Previously I made a hexagon shelf but I wanted more to go with it and larger in size.
Last time I only used 1 pack (100 count) for one hexagon and it wasn't as wide as I wanted for a shelf so I also added on to the previous shelf.
  • Popsicle sticks 100 ct packs- $1 each at Dollar Tree (I used around 200-300 sticks per hexagon depending on the shape)
  • Paper and marker to draw out stencil 
  • Glue
  • Paint (I used gold spray paint)- $3.68 at Walmart
 Tape together paper 
 and draw out your design
 When laying out the Popsicle sticks make sure you alternate between laying them down on the bottom and then gluing the next layer on top. 
 Glue, Glue, Glue
Building each layer
Each shape is 20 sticks wide.
I added on more Popsicle sticks to the previous shelf to make it wider.
My third design
Spray paint your desired color
And hang!
 I only spray painted 2 of the 3 shelves because the third design need to dry more.