Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hanging planter

DIY String Hanging Planter
I made 1 large planter and 1 long planter with 3 mini pots.
  • Clay pots (large pot Walmart- $1.50 & 3 mini pots $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Strong outdoor string ($2.87 at Walmart)
  • Scissors
  • Plants (I bought a stawflower cactus & a grafted cactus from Walmart- $3 each)

 Cut 8 pieces of string as long as you desire but make sure its long so you can hang the pots from the ceiling (approx 2 feet or longer)
 Double knot the end 
 Separate the string into four groups of two and knot each strand, making the knots at the same length when comparing the groups together.
 Tie together 1 string from 1 group to another string in the neighboring group. Repeat for all remaining 6 strings.
 While tying each string make sure to check that the knot lines up in length with all the other knots so the hanger has an even look. 
 Take a break between each knot layer and pull the hanger onto the pot to make sure it fits.
 Knot the excess string about 8 inches up from the pot.
 Hang to make sure the length of the excess string is long enough, I braided extra string and added it to make it long enough to hang from the ceiling. 
 Adding the cacti. Small rocks placed on the bottom on the pot.
 Added dirt
 Add cacti!
 For the 3 mini pots cut 8 pieces of string, about 3 feet long. Repeat the same steps for tying the 4 groups together. When done with the first pot tie the excess string about 3-6 inches up from the pot. Pictured here looks about 3 inches, my string was not long enough (about 2 feet) so I definitely suggest cutting the string longer. 
 Repeat each group step for each pot. 

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