Sunday, October 9, 2016

Re-do Beetlejuice costume

Halloween is almost here!
The first jacket I taped up was very heavy and the stripes did not match the leggings I bought,
so Re-do it is.
I went back to the thrift store and the only thing I could find was a long white button down shirt but it looked good as an open jacket also.
Finished look: Under the jacket I wore a black corset with striped leggings and high heel boots. I sprayed my blonde hair green (a little too much- I looked like the Joker) and applied white powder to my face, purple eye-shadow and green shadow to my forehead.  

  • White shirt/jacket (Goodwill $4)
  • Black electrical tape (2pk at Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Cork board (optional)
 I laid down a cork board in the shirt & then buttoned it up to make the shirt more stable.
 Depending on your pants you'll want to determine the width of the tape. My pants were just a little bit wider than the width of the electrical tape so I only laid down 1 strip of tape instead of the two I did with the last jacket. 
 Keeping on taping. 
For the arms I striped them vertically but in the movie Beetlejuice has horizontal sleeves. Horizontal sleeves tightened the material too much so I opted for vertical.
 For the sleeves make sure to tape them all the way to the end seam.
***When trying the shirt on I liked it better folded up to make it more fitted. It was easily taped inside with extra electrical tape. 

I purchased my leggings for $9.99 through Amazon but of course the price will change. 

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