Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas cards

So I moved 
and its Christmas time!
Why not make a card and let everyone know?
  • Paint chip samples (Green & red for the holidays) - from Lowes
  • Holiday picture with the new place in the background (size 4x4) - from Walmart $0.29 each
  • Glue stick
  • Mini bells and ribbon
  • Markers/pens
Originally I found the paint chip idea here and I put my own little spin on it. 
The paint chip already had square cut outs and when I glued them together to make a pouch my picture (size 4x4) fit perfectly as a preview. 
I took a picture in front of my new place with my roomie, Timmy the mannequin. A lot of my friends know of Timmy but on the back of the picture I explained that I adopted Timmy almost 3 years ago and that he is a retired GAP model. I think it makes the Christmas card just a tad bit funnier. 
 I printed out my pictures from Walmart and their instant picture machine gave me the option to add a boarder and text for free. 
 On the front I wrote "I've Moved! Also Merry Christmas".
And on the back "Have a wonderful New Year!"
Just add holiday drawings and a mini bell tied in one of the cutouts with ribbon. 
Easy to make and only $0.76 each to make (including the stamp on the envelope).

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