Sunday, December 25, 2016

DIY graduation tassel ornaments

My graduation tassels have just been laying around and I found a great idea on Pinterest (shocker!)
  • Large clear plastic ornaments ($0.98 at Walmart)
  • Tassel(s)
  • Puffy paint (optional)
I bought 3 ornaments since I had 3 tassels from Lyman High, Seminole State College, and University of Central Florida. 

 All you have to do is insert the tassel into the ornament but I had trouble with my UCF tassel since the charm was too large to fit into the top. For the UCF ball I cut into the side of the ball and pushed it in and then covered the cut with puffy paint.
 Poke a large hole inside the top of the foil ornament hanger so the tassel thread will fit through.
 The top of the tassel will be used to hang the ornament on the tree.
 After the tassels are all in place add decoration as you see fit.
 I drew on my graduation year and the school name/emblem.
And hang!

Just a little extra:
I finally hung up all of my degrees and I wanted to incorporate my graduation cords and medals.
 I gotta say I'm just showing off my work, : )

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