Tuesday, February 7, 2017

From this to that: cotton ball/Q-tip jars

I've been wanting to put my cotton balls and Q-tips on my bathroom counter for easier access and I knew to take to Pinterest!
I found an idea to up-cycle old Bath & Body Works candle jars into cotton holders while also tying it to my gold color theme. My motto: spray paint EVERYTHING gold!
  • Glass jars with lids 
  • Drawer knobs
  • All purpose glue/glue adhesive (Dollar tree)
  • Goo Gone 
  • Paint of your choice for the lids

I already had one empty Bath & Body Works jar but I needed another and the only candle I had was not even close to burning out. So I lit the candle, melted the wax, and poured the wax into other candle votives so I could still enjoy the (peppermint) smell. 

 This process of transferring the wax only took an hour and probably would of been less if I wasn't doing something else at the time.
Before and after of the jars when cleaning with Goo Gone (genius stuff right here!)
The label was easy to peel off but make sure to peel off the bottom label too (which needed more Goo Gone). I washed out the jars with soap and water just to make sure the Goo Gone oil wouldn't soak into the cotton. 

While we're waiting for the jars to dry go ahead and spray paint the lids with your color of preference. One of my lids already had a gold glitter design and did not need paint. 

Use the Fill-All Adhesive from Dollar Tree instead of WellBond glue
I found some old kitchen drawer knobs at my moms house and lucked out because they were already gold and the floral design matches my bed spread.

At first I glued on the drawer knobs with WeldBond glue and let it dry for 24 hours. This did not hold and I then re-glued with Dollar Tree's Fix-All Adhesive which has worked pretty well so far.

Also if you have a strong drill bit you could drill a hole into the lid and screw the knob on to make it more secure.

Unfortunately my baby drill doesn't have the power and Ill have to spend the extra money one day...ugh.
Now fill with the desire toiletries after the glue has dried at least 24 hours. My glue became transparent but I would also suggest spraying the lid again with paint if the glue ring shows. 

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