Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My kitchen wall

Kitchen wall inspiration:
I love weird art and I hate blank walls. I collected all of my old picture frames and nailed them to the wall. I printed out my favorite pieces, a lot of skulls, two moon pictures, and some pop art.
All of the photos I found on Pinterest.
In the bottom right picture frame I inserted a small fern leaf on a white background. Since it is pressed it keeps its color. 
To the skull I added gold dots from my gold nail polish to add something a little extra and match my gold theme. 
The top middle piece is a pop art picture of a law enforcement officer with flowers exploding from his head. I work in law enforcement by the way. Next to him are pictures of people with the moon, taken far back where people of jumping to it and kicking it like a ball. 
And you can also see that I am still using my gold fridge magnets. It currently states "House of Keanu" since I recently adopted my cat, Keanu. (named after Keanu Reeves of course!)

From this to that: Dish towel pillow

Dollar Tree dish towel into a miniature couch pillow:
I saw a DIY project with a Dollar Tree dish towel and had to replicate it. 
  • One dish towel from Dollar Tree 15x25in 
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Pillow stuffing (Walmart $3.47 - I used half a bag)
  • Hot glue gun
Step 1: Fold the towel in half to your desired shape and style MAKING sure to fold it inside out. I folded my towel in half hamburger style. Then iron the towel to remove any unwanted creases. 
 Step 2: Pin each side with sewing pins. I pinned 1/2 inch in -avoiding the thicker edge so my sewing machine could make it through. Make sure to leave one side open without pins because we will be turning the material inside out and stuffing it here. 

Step 3: Sewing- I cut away some of the thick edge so my sewing machine could make it on. I bought my sewing machine at Aldi's for less than $15 and its a mini machine so it can only do basic sewing.
The frayed edge is where I kept the sides open.

Then turn the pillow case right side out and you should have clean sew lines that are hidden. 
Step 4: Stuff until desired pushiness. I only used half of my stuffing: costing me $1.74 for stuff this pillow. 
 Step 5: Hot glue the frayed edges down and then hot glue the 2 sides together. You could also sew the open side instead of hot glue but keep in mind you will see the stitching. 
 You can see the difference on the bottom left corner where the hot glue is but for me it is a minor imperfection. 
The pillow goes perfect with my couch and only cost me $2.74!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

My bedroom wall

Room inspiration: 
 I received a 10 count of mini canvases as a Christmas gift one year and I finally got around to using some of them. 
 I painted a couple of my favorite things: the moon and skulls. 
I bought the mirrors at Walmart, 3 pack for $20. I ended up painting two of the mirrors with gold spray paint. The original gold was too dark.
From left to right: Twin Towers memorial post card I picked up in New York by the One World Trade Center, full moon, and floral bull skull. 
Bottom right: "HOK" which stands for House of Kelsey; on top: floral "K"; bottom right: floral skull.

Cactus with gold dots. 
To the far right I have a hanging picture (frame from Dollar Tree) of  the Chrysler building and what I believe to be the Bank of America building- views from the Empire state building.