Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My kitchen wall

Kitchen wall inspiration:
I love weird art and I hate blank walls. I collected all of my old picture frames and nailed them to the wall. I printed out my favorite pieces, a lot of skulls, two moon pictures, and some pop art.
All of the photos I found on Pinterest.
In the bottom right picture frame I inserted a small fern leaf on a white background. Since it is pressed it keeps its color. 
To the skull I added gold dots from my gold nail polish to add something a little extra and match my gold theme. 
The top middle piece is a pop art picture of a law enforcement officer with flowers exploding from his head. I work in law enforcement by the way. Next to him are pictures of people with the moon, taken far back where people of jumping to it and kicking it like a ball. 
And you can also see that I am still using my gold fridge magnets. It currently states "House of Keanu" since I recently adopted my cat, Keanu. (named after Keanu Reeves of course!)

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